Multidimensional Poverty and its Relationship with Catastrophic Health Care Payments

Although the literature analyzing the relationship between income and consumption poverty and catastrophic health care payments is extensive, little is known about how these financial risks affect the levels of multidimensional poverty of people in different low- and middle-income countries. The current pandemic has further highlighted the importance of guaranteeing universal health care access to all individuals and the need for programs that reduce poverty, including income and multidimensional poverty. We will illustrate how multidimensional poverty and its determining factors change over time when a household faces a catastrophic health care payment and how these changes differ between countries and regions. We will focus on presenting two cases: Uganda and Mexico, countries with different levels of human, social, and economic development and health care systems, which represent good examples of the association between multidimensional poverty and catastrophic health care payments.


Mónica Pinilla-Roncancio, Assistant Professor, Universidad de los Andes 

Paul Rodríguez-Lesmes, Assistant Professor School of Economics, Universidad del Rosario

Moderated by: Amy Porter, Professor, EARTH University