Our Agreement

Mission: A collaborative platform of globally engaged universities and higher education associations working in partnership with the UN and other stakeholders to create a more sustainable future for all

1. Increasing students’ understanding of the most pressing challenges facing the world today as articulated in the Sustainable Development Goals, and inspiring students to play an active role in driving change and finding new solutions
2. Developing the global competence and leadership skills students need to effectively collaborate across cultural and national boundaries and across disciplines and sectors in creating a more sustainable future
3. Engaging in actionable research, knowledge sharing, and innovation in collaboration with other local and international organizations in pursuit of novel approaches to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
4. Engaging with private and public actors in leading, guiding and supporting local, national and global responses to the Sustainable Development Goals
5. Recognizing the impact that our own operations have on important sustainable development issues and acting responsibly to address them and serve as an example to others
6. Communicating publicly our progress and being accountable for our outcomes

Adopted in Bellagio, Italy, on May 24, 2019

Ángel Cabrera – President, Georgia Institute of Technology
Guillermo Cisneros Perez – Rector, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Arturo Condo – President, Earth University
Yves Flückiger – President, University of Geneva
Feridun Hamdullahpur – President & Vice-Chancellor, University of Waterloo
Kader Kaneye – Founder & President, African Development University
Yong-Hak Kim – President, Yonsei University
Pablo Navas – President, Universidad de Los Andes
Joanna Newman – Secretary General, Association of Commonwealth Universities
Juan Romo – Rector, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Nikhil Seth – Executive Director, UNITAR
Shinki An – Yonsei University
Sally Crimmins Villela – State University of New York
Gbemi Disu – George Mason University Korea
Jonas Haertle – UNITAR
John McArthur – Brookings Institution
José Páez Borrallo – Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM)