University Global Engagement, Sustainability, and Inclusion – What is the Connection?

Typically, the global engagement, diversity and inclusion, and environmental sustainability dimensions of universities have been very separate. The SDG Agenda provides a framework that has catalyzed collaboration across the three offices at the University of California, Davis (Global Affairs; Sustainability; and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), in ways that are innovative, forward-looking, and perhaps unusual for a large university. This session will describe the benefits of the collaborative partnership between the offices, articulate some of our joint efforts and projects, and discuss how UC Davis is finding ways to infuse and address the SDGs throughout our institution – both in our internal operations and our external engagement with partners around the world. We will describe how we are deepening engagement with external partners; creating a “community of practice” on SDGs on campus; and planning to collect and analyze data on our efforts to identify gaps and opportunities, beginning with a crosswalk assessment between our recent STARS report and the SDGs.


Camille Kirk, Director of Sustainability and Campus Sustainability Planner, University of California, Davis

Kelli O’Day, Assessment Program Manager, University of California, Davis

Jolynn Shoemaker, Director of Global Engagements, University of California, Davis

Renetta Tull, Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, University of California, Davis

Moderated by: Gbemi Disu, Chief Business Officer, George Mason University Korea