SDG4: Quality Education

SDG 4.7: The Path towards Quality Education

This discussion, hosted by the Global Challenges University Alliance (GCUA 2030), will address the pivotal role of higher education institutions in providing all students not only with the knowledge they need in order to contribute to the implementation of Agenda 2030, but also with the skills and competencies necessary to make a meaningful contribution to future societies. Using target 4.7 as a starting point, presenters will highlight concrete examples from GCUA 2030 institutions, a global network of partners with a common vision of contributing to sustainable, global development. Free registration is required; click the event title to access registration information.

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
University of Tennessee

SDG 4 Quality Education: Higher Education International Partnerships

In this 7th webinar of a series on issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals at the University of Minnesota, a panel of scholars and practitioners will discuss how university partnerships and networks are advancing impactful work in communities and countries around the world. Looking at a variety of network models in several fields, panelists will offer examples and insights on where progress is being made and where more work is needed. Click title to access link to join.
Organizer: University of Minnesota

ESDG Experiments: How to Accelerate Education for Sustainable Development in Universities (en Español)

The webinar presents the report “Accelerating Education for the SDGs in Universities,” recently published by SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network). Discussion will focus on innovative and transformational initiatives through which Education for the SDGs can be implemented in our universities. During the event we will present the project U4Impact, a platform that allows students of UC3M and other Spanish universities to work for their Bachelor or Master dissertations on impact projects related to the SDGs and proposed by private, public and third-sector organizations.

Organizer: University Carlos III Madrid in collaboration with REDS (Red Española de Desarrollo Sostenible)

Language of the event: Spanish

SDGs Driving Change in Business on Purpose

This session will explore the role of the SDGs in business as fuel for transformation and the development of a new social contract with business and society. Drawing on research with global CEOs, the session will explore how business is currently engaging with the SDGs as a shared purpose to help navigate VUCA conditions. The event will also future-cast what more businesses can do to accelerate delivery again the goals. Click on the event title for information on how to join this virtual session.
Organizer: Harvard University