About the Student Sustainability Summit: Hosting an SDG-focused, multi-institutional student mini-conference

The Sustainable Shenandoah Valley (SSV) Regional Centre of Expertise for Sustainable Development (RCE) will showcase a student-planned and student-led annual event called the Student Sustainability Summit. This annual event highlights student research and projects that relate to one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals, bringing together students from five regional institutions of higher education in a conference-style event to present their work, network, and collaborate with one another and with community activists. For this webinar, Ms. Heather Korzun, a student at Mary Baldwin University, and Ms. Carol Lena Miller, representing SSV at James Madison University, will describe how the Student Sustainability Summit is organized and implemented, providing practical advice and resources to potentially host a similar event in your own community. The format is an on-demanded recorded interview that will be available beginning March 6.


Ms. Heather Korzun, student, Mary Baldwin University
Ms. Carol Lena Miller, Sustainability and Environment Associate, James Madison University