Action on the SDGs: Nebraska’s Local Work towards Global Goals

While not everyone is thinking actively about how they are advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals every day when they do their work, many individuals across the University of Nebraska community are doing so. We’ll hear from students advancing the SDGs in their work with their peers, administrators, and the campus at large; how the goals are being advanced in the Lincoln community *and* the classroom (sometimes at the same time); and about cutting edge research happening both in Nebraska and with collaborators around the world. Ultimately, it’s important to frame our work within the larger challenges of the SDGs and galvanize everyone in the community, no matter their position, to take action towards these goals, too.


Dr. Yulie Meneses, Research Assistant Professor & Water for Food Processing Specialist, Department of Food Science & Technology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Dr. Michael Shambaugh-Miller, Executive Director & Founder, Produce from the Heart; and Lecturer, Geography, School of Global Integrative Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Kathryn Woerner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln environmental studies and natural resource economics major, Programming Director for the Student Organic Farm & ASUN Senator
Moderator: Brianne Wolf, Global Programs & Outreach Manager, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln