ESDG Challenges: How to Integrate Multi-disciplinarity and Learning Innovations in the Education for the Sustainable Development Goals (2022)

According to the SDSN report “Accelerating education for the SDGs in Universities”, published at the end of 2020, “mainstreaming Education for the SDGs can be difficult within existing university structures, and deeper transformations in how universities operate will be needed to ensure this happens fast enough and deep enough”. The need to adopt an inter- and multi-disciplinary approach to address the challenges of environmental and socio-economic sustainability, and the strong demand by students for transformational learning opportunities are two key issues that education for the SDGs has to deal with. The webinar will focus on how innovative and transformational initiatives can be successfully integrated into standard learning programs.

Organizer: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Chair: Esteban Nicolini (UC3M; co-director MASUS-Master in Sustainable Development and Global Governance)
Invited speakers:
-Francesca Lipari (UC3M, Department of Mathematics)
-Thomas Maillart (University of Geneva, School of Economics and Management)
– Isik Ozel (UC3M; Department of Social Sciences)
-Fernando Valladares (CSIC-Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas)