Keynote Speaker: Brighton Kaoma + The Millennium Fellowship Panel

Keynote remarks from Brighton Kaoma, Global Director of the UN SDSN Youth Initiative. Panel topic: Millennium Campus Network (MCN) is a platform for undergraduates making a difference. MCN and the United Nations Academic Impact present the Millennium Fellowship, drawing over 25,000 applicants annually and supporting Millennium Fellows on campuses in twenty nations (learn more at In this discussion, we will share what students worldwide are doing to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The discussion features several current and past Millennium Fellows sharing their social impact work and how they have leveraged their time as undergraduates and Millennium Fellows to make a difference in their own communities.


Keynote Speaker: Brighton Kaoma, Global Director UN SDSN Youth Initiative

Sam Vaghar (he/him), Executive Director, Millenium Campus Network

Noha Al-Khalqi (she/her), Programs Director, Millenium Campus Network

Abigail Canales Ibarra (she/her), Partnerships Manager, MCN & Millennium Fellowship Alumni

James Odhiambo (he/him), Executive Assistant, MCN & University of Nairobi

Thiago Esslinger, Millennium Fellowship Fellow

Regina Resendiz Vargas, Millennium Fellowship Fellow

Jasmine Amoaka-Agyei, Millennium Fellowship Fellow

Moderated by: Ramu Damodaran, founder and former lead, United Nations Academic Impact