Examining Students’ Engagement in Blended Learning: A Case Study of African Development University

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic brought blended learning into the limelight as an indisputable means of teaching and learning. In Niger, African Development University is the only university implementing blended learning. This study seeks to examine factors that affect students’ participation in a blended learning environment, using African Development University (A.D.U) as a case study. The study will focus on how learner’s characteristics and experience influence the cognitive and emotional engagement of learners in a blended learning environment. Quantitative data collected from students in a cross-sectional survey will be analyzed using regression analysis or structural equation modeling to explore the phenomenon. This study will help educational institutions that have adopted blended learning to improve students’ participation and guide institutions that intend to adopt blended learning on how they can improve students’ participation. Education Administrators will find the study useful in developing policies that will enhance students’ participation in blended learning.


Pearl Gyan-Amponsah (she/her), Faculty Associate, African Development University

Avapine Benedicta Apebo (she/her), Faculty Associate, African Development University