Proyecto 5+5: COIL with an SDG focus

Developed in response to the inability of many students to study abroad, Proyecto 5+5 is the result of five Latin American institutions working together towards two main goals: the expansion of their COIL activities and awareness of SDGs. By following a program logic model, and the internationalization cycle proposed by Knight and De Wit (2007) at a minor scale, these institutions worked strategically to create the Proyecto 5+5+ in which five institutions, from five countries and with five professors each, collaborated together to create a COIL project to advance five of the UN SDGs. We will share the phases of the Proyecto 5+5 from the awareness phase until the reinforcement phase, serving as an example of how to develop COIL methodology and SDGs.


Brenda García Portillo (she/her), Director of Internationalization at Home, Universidad de Monterrey

María Carolina Serrano (she/her), International Relations Director, Universidad de la Sabana

Carlos Ramírez Sánchez (he/him), Director of International Office, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez

Moderated by: Luis E. Gillen (he/him), Professor, EARTH University