Reinforcing the SDGs through Open Innovation

The University Global Coalition Working Group on Open Innovation for the SDGs gathers institutional and student leaders putting into practice open innovation to drive positive change. How do we build open, interdisciplinary, non-judgmental spaces where youth can thrive in creating innovation for the SDGs? What is the experience of students in not only taking part in but co-creating these environments? How do their SDG projects and initiatives connect to the impact needs of international organizations and business communities, and how does the latter support moving meaningful ideas forward? We will discuss these questions and more with several partners in open innovation.


Jonas Haertle, Chief, Executive Director Office, UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

Afroditi Anastasaki (she/her), Partnerships Consultant, Office of Executive Director, UN Institute for Training and Research

Ugo Bernasconi (he/him), Head of the Environment and Energy Area, City of Lugano, Switzerland

Pearl Mao (she/her), Executive Director, China Steering Committee for SDG Open Innovation Hack!

Denise Rotondo, Sustainability Business Consultant

Beatriz Gorospe Ballesteros and Marie Helena Gehrig, Global Challenge ONGAWA, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Stefano Batilossi, Assistant Professor, Social Sciences, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Sarah Ranchev-Hale, Head of Programmes and Partnerships, Imperial Entreprise Lab

Francois Grey, Director, Geneva Tsinghua Initiative

Fangling Yu (she/her), Environmental studies student, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Sarvash Malani (he/him), Power and energy systems, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Patrice Mokam

Mingxing Liu

Yuen Ping (she/her), Associate Director, National University Singapore (NUS)