Mapping International Higher-Ed Climate Change Networks: Present Activities and Future Prospects

During the past two decades, the number and breadth of international university networks focused upon climate change has grown dramatically.  Today, there are more than 30 that claim this focus with more growing. It is thus timely to take stock of these networks – to gather their details in one place, inventory them across critical dimensions (e.g., purpose, membership, impact), and determine how, collectively, they have impact (as well as potential gaps, overlaps, and redundancies). This session shares preliminary results from ongoing work undertaken by UGC members across three countries, including a framework for examining international, inter-university networks; key results from this climate mapping; and lessons and learnings going forward.



Ian Rowlands (he/him), Associate Vice-President, International, University of Waterloo

Jenna Phillips (she/her), Sustainability Projects Coordinator, University of Waterloo

Netra Mittal (she/her), University at Buffalo, SUNY

Anxo Sanchez (he/him), Climate Strategic Initiative, Universidad Carlos III Madrid

Moderated by: Arturo Condo (he/him), President, EARTH University