SDG Reporting: A Voluntary University Review Workshop

To think comprehensively and strategically about how to engage the SDGs, a handful of universities have undertaken Voluntary University Reviews (VURs), modeled on Voluntary Reviews conducted by cities and countries around the world. In this session four universities will present their VUR processes, sharing their reasoning for pursuing VURs, methodologies, experiences, and lessons learned. Session attendees will have an opportunity to share their own experiences and processes around SDG-related reporting, and to pose questions about VURs to the panelists. The session will be an important step for creating dialogue, reflection, and community among universities that are engaging their campuses and documenting their efforts to advance the SDGs.


Alexandra Hiniker (she/her), Executive Fellow for Sustainability Initiatives, Carnegie Mellon University

Jason Ens (he/him), Executive Director, Academic Policy, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives, Concordia University

Jolynn Shoemaker (she/her), Director, Global Engagements, UC Davis

Alberto Garrido (he/him), Vice Provost of Sustainability and Quality, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Moderated by: Gbemi Disu, Executive Director, Carnegie Mellon University Africa