SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals

17 Books: Higher Education and the SDGs

Emerald Publishing has commissioned Wendy Purcell as Series Editor for 17 books, one per SDG. Wendy in turn has invited a global cadre of 17 editors, one per book, to address one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically through the lens of higher education (HE). The book series will examine the role of the global HE sector in delivering against that goal directly through teaching/learning, research/innovation and community engagement/service. The event will showcase the upcoming book series, highlight the critical role of the student voice and hear from some of the editors about how they are planning to approach their goal and the role of HE in delivering the SDGs. To join:

Organizer: Harvard University

RenewABLE Energy Communities

This event will discuss how to start RenewABLE energy Communities worldwide, including the technological and social-environmental benefits. Grand Challenges Scholars Program ALUMNI bring their experiences and proposals.

Organizer: Sapienza University of Rome

McGill University SDG Week

The McGill Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Week is taking place from February 7th to 11th, cohosted by 12 McGill student groups, featuring 5 days of activities, panel discussions, workshops, and virtual research brunches and field trips on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015. Most events are online and open to the public. Click for more information on how to join.
Event Organizers:
McGill SDG Student Hub

Mainstreaming Sustainability Function & Key Competencies for Chief Sustainability Officers

Leadership is the key to the success of a business and to the function within the Business. Sustainability is a strategic function that impacts topline and bottom-line, in addition, it can be leveraged to gain strategic advantage at the marketplace. It therefore imperative that the leadership of the function, plays its role to mainstream the function within the organization and develop required competencies to make it happen. What are these competencies and what is the role that the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) must play for the function to earn a place on the table and enhance his / her professional credibility. This webinar discusses this.

Event Organizers:
The Sustainability Practitioners,

Sustainability Reporting for SME: Leveraging Sustainability Reporting for Sustainable Growth

At the webinar we will discuss how SME can use Sustainability Report and align with SDGs to benefit their business and contribute positive and meaningfully to the environment. At The Sustainability Practitioners, we write “Sustainable Report” for business like yours. Reports that are value based; to your stakeholders and adds value to your business. The reporting is data driven and follows the current emerging global frameworks and is principle based, UN Global Compact (UNDC), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and ISO26000 guidance standards.

Event Organizers:
The Sustainability Practitioners,

Closing Re-Cap on Sustainability Literacy: A Global Challenge for Higher Education Institutions

In this closing event of UGC Action & Awareness Week, Aurélien Decamps, Sulitest’s co-founder and faculty at Kedge Business School, will present the results of the UGC Sulitest submissions during SDG Action & Awareness Week. Sulitest will be open to UGC member organizations until 14 March 2021. See the Resources tab under SDG Action & Awareness Week for instructions.
Event Organizers:
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, SUNY (the State University of New York)

Strengthening the Corps: Advancing Food System Sustainability through Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and FoodCorps

Volunteers from Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and FoodCorps will share information about their service experiences and answer questions. The panelists will discuss the strengths and skills that prepared them for their terms of service, as well as the experiences and abilities that they gained as a result of their work. The discussion will primarily focus on the food and agricultural sector and how the panelists’ work addressed problems within the food system. Click the event title for more information and for link to join event.
Event Organizers:
Student Farm Club at Penn State University

Traveling Sustainably After the “Pause”

This session will explore strategies that can be used to reduce carbon footprints in relation to international travel. Drawing on sustainable practices that can be implemented from the individual level all the way up to the institutional level, we hope to identify some concrete ways that international travelers are already reducing their footprint and hope to continue to reduce in the future. Click event title for more information and to access event link.
Event Organizers:
SUNY Cortland

Engaging Students on Sharing SDG Best Practices at Their Universities: An Interactive Workshop with the SDG Dashboard

This interactive workshop will guide participants through the SDG Dashboard creation process.  In addition to discussing the importance of the SDGs and data-sharing around the SDGs, we will walk through the initial data entry through a shared, open-source data sheet that all participants can engage with live with hands-on guidance from our team. During this activity, the participants will be taught the core fundamentals of our SDG Dashboard building process we use on our Higher Education SDG Dashboards around the world. The end result is a collaborative, diverse, data visualization SDG Dashboard that we will provide every member access at the end of the workshop.
Organizer: St. Joseph’s University