SDG17: Partnerships for the Goals

Lifelong Learning & Just Sustainability

This session speaks to practitioners, students and academicians interested in illuminating the relationships among lifelong learning and just sustainability. Click the event title to see details and link to join the event.

Sustainable Development Goals Poster Competition Information Meeting

The Office of Sustainability at University of North Carolina Wilmington will host a Poster Competition the week of Earth Day open to all university students. The event will require digital “walking posters” to be submitted to be displayed at the university Library. This event will be a review of the SDGs and the upcoming event, followed by an open Q and A about the poster competition. Click the event title for more information and link to join the event.
Organizer: University of North Carolina Wilmington

ESDG Experiments: How to Accelerate Education for Sustainable Development in Universities (en Español)

The webinar presents the report “Accelerating Education for the SDGs in Universities,” recently published by SDSN (Sustainable Development Solutions Network). Discussion will focus on innovative and transformational initiatives through which Education for the SDGs can be implemented in our universities. During the event we will present the project U4Impact, a platform that allows students of UC3M and other Spanish universities to work for their Bachelor or Master dissertations on impact projects related to the SDGs and proposed by private, public and third-sector organizations.

Organizer: University Carlos III Madrid in collaboration with REDS (Red Española de Desarrollo Sostenible)

Language of the event: Spanish

Collaborative Academic Action for Good Health and Well-Being

The webinar focuses on possible collaborative partnerships and interventions in promoting good health and well-being. The main aim of the event is to identify alternative ways to knowledge transfer for improving health sector performance across different contexts, particularly in developing and emerging economies of Global South. For more information on the event and to access the link, click on the event title.
Organizer: IIHMR University, India

Sustainability Literacy: A Global Challenge for Higher Education Institutions

In this opening event of UGC Action & Awareness Week, Aurélien Decamps, Sulitest’s co-founder and faculty at Kedge Business School, will discuss the Sulitest International Test, a tool for assessing an individual’s SDG literacy. During SDG A&A Week, students, faculty, and staff of all member universities of UGC will have the opportunity to respond to the SuliTest free of charge. Preliminary results will be presented and discussed in a closing event on Friday, March 5. Click on the event title to view additional event information and access link to join the event.
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, SUNY (the State University of New York)