17 Books: Higher Education and the SDGs (SDG Week 2022)

Emerald Publishing has commissioned Wendy Purcell as Series Editor for 17 books, one per SDG. Wendy in turn has invited a global cadre of 17 editors, one per book, to address one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically through the lens of higher education (HE). The book series will examine the role of the global HE sector in delivering against that goal directly through teaching/learning, research/innovation and community engagement/service. It will also capture how HE works with public, private and plural actors to advance fulfillment of the goals. Identifying successes to date, challenges ahead and offering insights through relevant case studies, the series will reveal the opportunities afforded by embracing the SDGs at a strategic level within HE.

The event will showcase the upcoming book series, highlight the critical role of the student voice and hear from some of the editors about how they are planning to approach their goal and the role of HE in delivering the SDGs.

Short presentations with facilitated discussions.


Wendy M. Purcell, PhD FRSA Harvard Univeristy
Katy Mathers, Commissioning Editor, Emerald Publishing
Book editors, by invitation
Students, by invitation