It is not Foggy Anymore: Revealing the Strong Connections Between Science, Society, and Environment Through SDGs

This presentation introduces a set of carefully developed Prezi learning modules on seven Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their connections to science, society, economy, and the environment. These goals include Zero Hunger (#2), Good Health and Well-being (#3), Clear Water and Sanitation (#6), Affordable and Clean Energy (#7), Climate Action (#13), Life Below Water (#14), and Life on Land (#15). Through these learning environments, our group aimed to show how science topics usually taught in an isolated way are relevant to students’ lives, societies, and future careers. While doing this, we also highlighted the interdisciplinary and global nature of SDGs. It is expected that this presentation will encourage instructors to integrate these presentations into their curriculum regardless of the subject they are teaching and motivate their students to learn science and take actions to contribute to the local and global sustainability efforts.

The Speakers:
Emily Tran, Biological Sciences Major, UC Davis,
Rohan Skariah, Computer Science Major, UC Davis,
The PI:
Ozcan Gulacar, Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of Chemistry, UC Davis,