Connecting People to Real World Sustainability Projects

This plenary session will introduce two free global websites that increase human activity and organizational capacity for the Sustainable Development Goals. ( is a free website that makes it easy for faculty, staff, researchers, and practitioners to find the help they need from pro-bono volunteers, graduate students, and top-level undergraduate students who have the skills and are eager to assist with project planning, project implementation and management, and evaluation (locally or virtually). This site quickly matches people with skill sets, interests, and availability to meet project and research needs, nationally or internationally, saving many hours that it would normally take to recruit students or volunteers at multiple, cumbersome websites. The partner site, For Good, connects highly motivated young people, students and graduates, through age 35, with forward thinking organisations seeking to progress sustainable development. For Good ( collaborations take place through research, project, or placements to support the organisations in their efforts to address real-world challenges connected with social, environmental, and economic sustainability. These sites are provided by the US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development and the UK’s National Union of Students.


Dr. Debra Rowe (she/her), President, US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development

Wendy Olmstead (she/her), Senior Fellow, US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development

Moderated by: Arturo Condo (he/him), President, EARTH University