The SDGs as a Tool to Help Small Businesses Gain Access to Global Value Chains

This video explains the project titled “The Sustainable Development Goals as a tool to help Small Businesses to gain access to Global Value Chains” authored by Prof. Nicolás Gambetta from Universidad ORT Uruguay (Uruguay) and by Prof. Robyn Eversole from Swinburne University and the Centre for Social Impact (Australia). In this project we develop a framework to understand how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are an opportunity for the Small and Medium Entities (SME) to get access into Global Value Chains (GVC). Large companies seeking to improve their sustainability performance cannot assume that smaller firms will have the capabilities to incorporate sustainability into their business strategy and issue the sustainability information they require to belong to their GVC. To achieve more sustainable value chains, the lead firm can take leadership and help small firms to find a low cost way of documenting and communicating what they are already doing to contribute to social and economic sustainability. The SDG are useful to frame the discussion about GVC in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability, as they are global and communicate in a simple and standard way. We argue that the SDG should be the catalyzer between large companies and SME within a GVC, and the public sector should act as the facilitator in this process.